Epiphanie, LLC™ is a full service vendor. Servitude is the heart beat of our company. We are here to provide an array of services to a variety of individuals and corporations. Contact our Ennovator to discuss and customize a plan to produce garments or accessories for your individual or corporate needs. We have learned that service is the secret of living in every situation...Philippians 4:12


An E-volve party allows you to become an artist where it’s permissible to color outside the box. Our Ennovator meets with a host and several friends to E-volve old garments into new works of fashionable art that fit your individual identity. You and your guests take control of the design process and guide the Ennovator into your own exclusive fashion conscience. At an E-volve party, you "…create your own light…" This process gives you ultimate fashion freedom. Contact us today to schedule an E-volve party and get in on the fun!

E-Mass Corporate Manufacturing

Epiphanie, LLC™ has over a decade of experience in Industrial, Mass and Corporate garment and accessory manufacturing. Our work history consists of corporate & private label manufacturing, sensory & weighted garments, parochial school uniforms & accessories and formal & bridal wear. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


E-Social: Each year Epiphanie, LLC™ reinvest in the community by providing benevolent alterations and tailoring services to young ladies and men attending formal and social events.

2012 Recipient awarded to Pure Stars

2013 Recipient awarded to American Inspirations

2014 Recipient awarded to Joe W. Roberts Youth Club and Releasing the Waters "Worldwide" Inc.

E-Health: Epiphanie, LLC™ is committed, empathetic and supportive to caring for the entire person. We offer a one-time fee for a year of alterations to aid individuals in their health and weight loss journeys. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to assist you as you transition and meet your personal goals.