Clergy Attire

Epiphanies’ Clergy Attire is handmade in the USA with skilled artisan craftsmanship to create an elegant, polished finish. Epiphanie, LLC™ achieves a product with a superior appearance and fit by focusing our area of expertise toward adorning the ambassadors of God with honor, poise and dignity.

Our women's collection is designed by shedding a new light on the feminine perspective in all sizes to complement each individual characteristic. Unique features are implemented throughout our elegant designs revolutionizing the way women of God are presented.

Our men’s collection adds to the traditional by highlighting an individual’s characteristics. Unique features are implemented in the simplicity of our elegant designs to present the man of God in a dignified light.

Contact us for available colors. Many additional optional embellishments, embroidered monograms or logos, dual vented pockets, initial panels, two way zips, buttons and weighted hems are available.