Robin WilkinsMinister Robin Wilkins is elected to serve and recognized for her persistent approach to perfection, execution of details and consistent personal displays of her finished creations. She has been classified as an Ennovator for her ability to introduce new garments and transform the old ones. This title places her in a very unique class of artist. With 35 years of experienced artisan craftsmanship her art is expressed through her three "C" policies. Compassion, Creation and Customizing.

Her gift of innovation manifested around age 8 after being challenged by her grandmother, endeared as "Big Mama". An avid seamstress, she began instructing this Ennovator in the art of tailoring. She instilled techniques and a value system of excellence that focuses on the natural aesthetic beauty found in each person.

Several decades were spent focusing on fashioning all the intricate details, soft subtle fabrics and techniques used in creating formal and wedding apparel.

Her tenacious niche for detail was enhanced as a liturgical dance costume Ennovator for Charley Johnson of Charley's Body Shoppe. This transition was perfected in the next decade as the Ennovator and fashion event liaison coordinator for all the liturgical dance wear with the Daughter's of David Liturgical Dance Program. The temperament of self-discipline was soon transitioned in the next decade with an introduction to the industrial world of mass and corporate manufacturing. She has serviced hundreds of contracts over this decade with Brian Sauter, Manager of Ee Dee Trim. Her recent work as an industry servicer led her to use her talents to contract and aid Scott Kouri of eSpecial Needs with weighted garments for special needs children. She is also a key understudy to St. Louis designer Amy Johnson of Kayoss Designs. Her impeccable reputation led her to construct and customize jackets and scene costumes for an upscale hair show with Darlene Greene of PT's Salon.

Minister Robin Wilkins transitions into a fourth decade of artistry honing all her skills and creating a collection inspired from, by and through the Holy Spirit. In early 2011, God gave her the vision, designs and format to align her training and artistry with His plan. Epiphanie, LLCâ„¢ was birthed from this vision. She strives to understand the culture in each faith based setting so that she is a trusted spiritual advisor who adds significant value to the production of her collection of Clergy Robes, Attire and Accessories.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins