Welcome to Epiphanie, LLC™

An Epiphanie shines a sudden light giving meaning to something. We are passionate about our collection of clergy attire, accessories, and the services our company provides. We are equally excited about your experiences with Epiphanie, LLC™ and the impact it will have on you. We invite you to be adorned by our workmanship as a distinctive form of art. We carefully analyze your individual style and personal preferences to shine a sudden light and create an Epiphanie, customized for you.

Epiphanie Enthusiasts

Amy Johnson of KayOss Designs

"As a fashion designer, quality of work and attention to detail are very important, and Robin is exceptional at both! Her advanced skill set, dependability, and commitment makes her a true asset to work with while her passion and positive attitude makes it a joy!"

Bryan Sauter of EeDee Trim

“…Robin has always displayed excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship. Her skills, knowledge, and ability to grasp production concepts is excellent. She is a great asset to our team.”

Scott A. Kouri of eSpecial Needs

"Epiphanie, LLC has been manufacturing superior quality construction and designs of our Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Vests since 2011. Our customer surveys and product reviews report a high level of satisfaction with their purchase."

Mission and Values

Our Mission is:

  • to be established as an obedient follower of Christ by placing Him at the center source of our lives.
  • to instill confidence and self-esteem in our clients by unconsciously engaging them in the design process.
  • to connect with the whole person through a relationship bond that centers on our three C's policy. Compassion, Commitment and Customizing.
  • to align the mind, body and soul with a spirit of Exellence.
  • to promote a culture of mutual respect and integrity with a heart of servitude.